fuck i got the confidence of someone who has never lived right now






i will reblog whatever you throw my way

i might add a little original content

i will comment on your already amusing Facebook status

in a way which makes it more amusing

without skewing others’ opinions

of your sense of humor

yes yes yes i’ve had a few drinks

but it’s unjust that by saying that you have already brushed me off

as another burnout drunk

even though i still have years and months and 5 days of drinking ahead of me

i’m ready to take this relationship to the next level

and meet in person


I’m wearing my father’s sweatshirt

From when he used to work for the computer company

He was a model for a poster for an edition of the Carmen Sandiego games

My father gets faint at the sight of his own blood

I own a lot of things that used to belong to my father

A jacket and this sweatshirt and a few sweaters and a few ties and a lot of records

I had another sweatshirt that belonged to him

I wore it all through high school

I lost it at some point and whenever I’m home

At my father’s house

Which also belongs to my mother

I look through the different closets

the coat closet, my closet, his closet

Expecting it to show up

But it hasn’t

So far

a thought:

Say you were staying in one of those hotels

for sex

with the beds with the mirrors above them

for watching sex

And say you slept there that night

either with someone

you had sex with

or by yourself for just fun

The first thing you would see upon waking up

if you slept on your back

would be yourself

That would scare the shit out of me

I don’t know about you

(I also don’t know if those places actually exist

(do you want to find out))

That one time I blacked out and bought a torta and then didn’t eat it

and that other time after that where I gave up

and went to lie down

somewhere out of the way


This is what Chicago is to me so far

This is what any city could be

if you just don’t try hard enough

and also get drunk


More than anything

everyone keeps asking me why

why here why leave

to give myself a reason to move back some day


The agents hunt for a killer who uses the Internet to attract his victims

Mulder kills a bug

Epic Manliness

Six pack abs

Who was that was that your friend

your friend likes me


Six Pack Abs


Do not pity me

For I have hard narcotics

For I have apple juice (motts)

with a straw to drink it

For I have four pillows

and there is still a bunch of the show to watch

I’ll be late arriving though


and welcome
to the end of me trying


and welcome

to the end of me trying

1/5 stars

1/5 stars